Executive Coaching/HR Consulting Services

Our philosophy is to provide a very practical and experiential approach to driving both personal and organizational performance. Our partners have a hundred plus years of real world executive level experience to get results quickly but realistically. We are committed to your success. Period.

Experience as a C-Suite Executive

Glandon Partners specializes in partnering with the C-Suite to increase both personal and organizational performance. Gary Glandon has decades of experience working with leaders across the world to increase the effectiveness of their strategy and create a culture that drives the business strategy. Whether your goal is driving cultural change to engage your employees, aligning compensation systems to drive results or assessing your talent needs to achieve top business priorities, Glandon Partners is here to assist you.

Services – C-Suite Advisor

The leadership role of a CEO or an Executive is extremely demanding and challenging; it is often ‘lonely at the top’ and an unbiased trusted advisor can make all the difference. Glandon Partners leverages our years of experience to provide insight that leads to more informed decisions. We will work with you and your team to sharpen vision, set relative business goals to meet your objectives and maximize human capital. In addition, we can provide a strategic framework from which your team can operate.