HR Consulting


Company culture is extremely critical to attracting, retaining and engaging your employees. As many have stated, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,: therefore, the development of your culture will invariably have major impact on strategy execution.

  • Is your culture aligned with the company values?
  • Do employees see the culture as being alive or just a poster on the meeting room walls?

We have extensive experience in creating a culture that attracts talented candidates, retains them long term, and gives purpose and motivation to your current population. Culture can clearly be a competitive advantage if designed and lived daily.

Organizational Design

Many business strategies are not executed properly because the organizational structure is not clear or responsibilities and accountability are misaligned. In order to ensure the execution of the organizational strategy, the organizational design needs to be in complete alignment with the strategy.

  • What are your design options and what are the implications of each structure?
  • Will your organization be centralized or decentralized?
  • What is your go-to-market strategy?
  • How autonomous are your business units?
  • How are pricing decisions determined?

Talent Management

In order to achieve top business performance and execute your strategy, you must have the right people in the right jobs.

  • Does your team have the right leadership competencies and skillset to deliver results?
  • What is the opportunity cost of having management misalignment?
  • Do you have a sufficient level of talent in the pipeline to meet your future business requirements?

Our experts can provide tools to assess your current talent and deploy a succession plan for your leadership team.

Executive Compensation

The compensation structure needs to attract, retain and motivate your team to achieve results.

  • Is your current executive compensation structure driving the business results you desire?
  • Are the compensation elements (base, bonus, long term incentives) in proper proportion to successfully motivate your executives and Senior management employees?
  • Is total pay competitive to the market for your size of company?

With many years of expertise in compensation design, we are ready to assist!

Schedule an appointment today if your business needs any assistance with culture, organization design, talent management, or executive compensation.