Executive Coach and HR Consultant in San Diego, CA

Every company has room for improvement. At Glandon Partners, we provide clients with the tools and knowledge they need to push their company forward into the coming years. Our executive coaching and HR consulting services develops future leaders that will promote the company’s overall success and sustainability.

Executive Coaching in San Diego, CA

Gary Glandon spent over 20 years as a C-Suite Executive for various major corporations, including Gateway Computers, Rogers Corporation, and Abbott Labs. He gained incredible insight into the everyday tasks and pressures that C-Suite Executives face, developing strategies that he now brings to his executive coaching services.  

Glandon Partners serves many different industries such as Biopharmaceuticals, Tourism, Research, Manufacturing, and more. We bring an individualized approach to each of our clients to help them achieve success.

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HR Consulting in San Diego, CA

In addition to our executive coaching services, we also provide companies with HR consulting. The culture and organization of your business is crucial to its overall success and development. A proper Human Resources department can foster respect, talent, and motivation amongst your employees. You will be able to both hire and keep the best people, learning how to effectively deploy their talents in the workplace.

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At Glandon Partners, we can help you build and foster a healthy, successful company. Contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation.