Executive Coach and HR Consultant in Silicon Valley

For over 20 years, Gary Glandon worked as a C-Suite Executive for many major corporations. From Rogers Corporation to Gateway Computers, he gained insight and knowledge into the everyday lives of a C-Suite Executive in the tech world. He now brings his expertise to many tech companies in Silicon Valley to help them achieve success and sustainability.

Executive Coaching in Silicon Valley

At Glandon Partners, we create a unique, individualized plan for each of our clients. We find ways to enhance productivity and performance, cultivating leadership amongst employees and C-Suite Executives. We can align the personal values of you and your business alongside various leadership styles to create the perfect approach for your company.

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HR Consulting in Silicon Valley

Talent is important in any business, but that talent won’t be put to good use without the right culture to let it flourish. As HR consultants, we at Glandon Partners can find ways to build the current culture of your company, allowing you to attract, retain, and engage employees on all levels. We can also create a clear organizational structure that will enhance productivity and ensure everyone’s voice is heard and acknowledged.

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Glandon Partners can help you bring your company to new heights. Contact us today to learn more and to receive a free 30 minute consultation.