The final C in the Four C’s of Leadership is Culture. Culture is really the lifeblood of the organization. One can argue that Culture is the most important of the Four C’s because if the culture of an organization is flawed or diseased nothing else really matters. Culture is NOT about making employees “happy” it IS about creating an environment where they can be productive! A healthy culture is inclusive and it embraces all employees of every race, creed, gender, age, etc. Employees in a healthy culture feel engaged by having pride in their work and feeling like they are making a difference. Their opinions are at least heard and discussed and not ignored. All employees from the lowest level to the CEO feel free to speak to anyone they wish when they have a serious problem or a concern.

It’s directly the CEO or top leader to create the culture that is desired by on their principles, leadership style, value system, character, etc. I often have CEOs lament to me that the company culture has declined over the years and they don’t know why. I first ask them to think about a high-level employee with great performance but bad behavior. The leader usually immediately thinks of someone. I tell them that person

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